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How Much Is Your Startup Worth?

Startups make equity fundraising public to communicate on size and growth. Yet, a few entrepreneurs and investors release ventures’ valuations and the FrenchTech is all about rumors.

Beyond satisfying curiosity, assessing venture capital valuations (most of all series A and B) would allow startups to get a better picture of their potential valuations and the amount of equity they may raise.

In order to rationalize French venture capital, Avolta Partners went through 497 private placements, of which 286 +€1m equity fundraisings, and publishes the first edition of the Venture Transaction Multiples Guide.


A rigorous ecosystem classification

Avolta Partners mapped 11 sectors (Fintech, Adtech, IoT, Ecommerce, Business services…) and 7 business models (Subscription, Performance, Audience, Commission…) to obtain consistent median multiples by subgroup so that every innovative startup can position itself on a valuation range.

Avolta Style

A must-read before your next VC meeting

The Venture Transaction Multiples Guide should refute some preconceptions about startup valuation and become a benchmark  for any venture capital operation.